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Cumin Oil

Onion Oil

Onion Oil

Approx. Rs 2,500 / Kilogram

Extraction :
Extracted from the bulbs by steam distillation process
Chemical Composition :
Major compounds present in oil are methylpropyl, dipropyl disulfide and dipropyl trisulphide etc.
Essential Oil Information :
In ancient times, raw onion was used to cure cold and infections. In addition to this, its medicinal values were also seen in blood cleansing and in making bones strong. Produced in Egypt, USA, South America, Mexico and France, today, this oil is widely used in food industry.
Oil Properties :
The oil has golden brown color with an unpleasant smell. It is also a great source of vitamin A, B and C, protein, selenium, potassium, saccharose peptides, fructosans and flavonoids.
Uses :
Therapeutic Properties :
Antiseptic, antirheumatic, digestive, anticancer, antioxidant, antimicrobial, anthelmintic, antinfectious, antispasmodic, bactericidal, fungicidal, expectorant, carminative and depurative.
Blends Well With :
Sandalwood essential oil
Summary :
A rich source of vitamin A, B and C, the oil has wide application in food industry and pharmaceutical industry. The oil contains the essence of diuretic that further leads to detoxification of the body. This makes your body stronger and reduces the possibility of getting effected by disease like boils, acne, rheumatism and arthritis.

Precautions :
A person should never use this oil unless he feels fully qualified to handle the results. The use must be avoided in pregnancy and with infants and children.
Shipping Options :
We have reputed shipping partners Fedex, DHL, TNT, UPS and EMS for delivering the oil.
Botanical Name:Allium cepa
Common Method Of Extraction:Steam distillation
Parts Used:Bulbs
Note Classification:Middle
Aroma:Strong unpleasant odor

Cumin Oil

Cumin Oil

Approx. Rs 1,800 / Kg

Cumin Oil is extracted by means of Steam Distillation

Botanical Name:Cuminum cyminum
Common Method Of Extraction:Steam distillation
Parts Used:Seed
Aroma:Penetrating and Spicy smell

Chemical Composition
Cuminic, cymene, dipentene, limonene, phellandrene and pinene are the main chemical components of cumin oil. Further, the oil also contains 32 fatty acids (99.9%) that are identified in the fixed oil. The major fatty acids that present in the oil are linoleic acid (50.2%), oleic acid (19.9%), margaric acid (10.3%), cis-11,14-eicosadienoic acid (7.7%) and stearic acid (2.5%).
Essential Oil Information
Cumin is a small annual herb originally found in Mediterranean area. The leaves of plant are narrow and deep green in color. It is about 20 inches in height and the tiny flowers are pink or white in color. The seeds are small and oblong.

The plant is known to the world since Biblical times and is used for its digestive properties. Cumin is used as a medium of paying taxes by the Pharisees. Feudal lords paid serfs with cumin, in the Middle Ages. The oil is used as a cure for headache by the Egyptians. Cumin serves as an important ingredient in various Mexican dishes and Indian curries.
Oil Properties
The natural cumin oil contains spicy and penetrating smell.
The essential cumin oil is a stimulant that helps in curing indigestion, dyspepsia, bloating and flatulence, in the digestive system. For nervous system, it serves as tonic with beneficial effects on nervous exhaustion, migraine and headaches. However, the cumin oil is a warm oil that helps in muscles pain relieving and osteoarthritis.
Therapeutic Properties
The cumin oil is used as toner, stimulant, antiseptic, anti-toxic, carminative, anti-spasmodic, digestive and bactericidal. It is also used for curing headache. Warm cumin oil is used to relieve muscular pains and osteoarthritis.
Clear to pale yellow in color the oil aids digestive system, nervous system and relieves muscular pains and aches. The oil is light to medium in consistency and releases medium aroma.
Blends Well With
Angelica, Caraway, Chamomile, Lavender and Rosemary.
The oil has overpowering smell and is better be avoided during pregnancy. It contains photo-toxic qualities and should not be used when skin will be exposed to sunlight. The strong smell can cause nausea and headache.
Shipping Options
We ensure the safe delivery of the consignment both by means of sea as well as air. Our delivery partners are responsible for the delivery within the time limit.

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