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Floral Absolutes

Night Queen Absolute Oil

Night Queen Absolute Oil
  • Packaging Type: Container
  • Form: Liquid
  • Plant Part Used/Extracted From: Flower
  • Usage/Application: Aromatherapy
  • Is It Organic: In Organic
  • Brand: Katyani
  • organic: Yes

Extraction :
The oil is extracted from the flowers of night queen by employing two most popular extraction processes named solvent and enfleurage extractions.

Chemical Composition :
Our night queen absolute is comprised with nutrients and other natural compositions that blend it with natural aroma and makes it perfect for aromatherapy. It is constituted with chemical compositions like benzyl acetate, jasmine, linalool, ester and benzyl.

Essential Oil Information :
This solvent extracted yellowish brown liquid is extensively known for its sweet floral aroma and medicinal healing properties. The oil is a stimulant for the female reproductive system and is ideal for treating various health issues like head ache, liver problems and insomnia.

Oil Properties :
This oil is highly effective in treating various health related problems with its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic, anti-stress, anti-depressant, decongestant, expectorant, emollient properties. The oil is also good for nourishing body skin with its rejuvenating and moisturizing properties.

Uses :
With its excellent fragrance and floral spicy note, the oil is used in cosmetic products like perfumes, massage creams, botanical scents and massage oils. This oil is excellent in skin soothing applications, which make it ideal for aromatherapy and bathing to nourish skin. The oil is also exceptionally good for treating various health problems like dysentery, insomnia and rheumatism.

Therapeutic Properties :
The oil is comprised with exceptional healing and aromatic properties, which make it suitable for aromatherapy. The massage by this oil improvises the blood circulation in the body that witnesses the excellent therapeutic property of the oil. The oil is also used for aromatherapy that rejuvenates the body, mind and soul along with nourishing the body skin.

Summary :
Extracted from the flower petals of night queen by employing solvent extraction process, the oil contains therapeutic and healing properties. The oil is highly effective in relieving the stress as well as treating the health problems related to blood circulation, liver disorder, dysentery and insomnia.
Shipping Options :
We have reputed shipping partners like DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS. Moreover, we also ship our quality goods by means of air as well as sea.

Botanical Name:Cestrum nocturnum shrub
Common Method Of Extraction:Enfleurage, Solvent extraction
Parts Used:Flowers
Aroma:Sweet floral and spicy aroma
Color:Clear yellowish brown

Floral Absolute

Floral Absolute

Approx. Rs 1.75 Lakh / Kilogram

We offer concentrated, highly-aromatic, oily Floral Absolutes extracted from flowers. Floral Absolutes offered by us are manufactured from fresh concretes and with the use of perfumery grade alcohol. Katyani also offers an array of fresh floral waxes. Lavender, rose, tuberose etc., are some of the most popular varieties offered.

Amber Absolute OilPinus Succinefera8000-28-02622
Ambrette Absolute OilAbelmoschus Maschatus Medik84455-19-62050
Angelica Root OilAngelica Archangelica8015-64-32090
Benzoin Absolute OilStyrax benzoin91845-21-52133
Blue Lotus Absolute OilNymphaea caerulea476-66-42370
Boronia Absolute OilBoronia megastigma8053-33-62167
Broom / Genet Absolute OilSpartium Junceum8023-80-12504
Calendula Absulute OilCalendula officinalis70892-20-52658
Cardamom Extra Absolute OilElletaria cardomum8000-66-62241
Carnation Absolute OilDianthus caryophyllus8021-43-02333
Champaca White Absolute OilMichelia champaca60-12-82858
Cocoa Absolute OilTheobroma cacao84649-99-03332
Costus Root OilSaussurea Lappa8023-88-92336
Geranium Leaf Absolute OilPelargonium graveolens8000-46-22508
Green Tea Absolute OilThea sinensis L.84650-60-23040
Helichrysum Abs. OilHelichrysum angustifolium8023-95-82592
Hops Absolute OilHumulus lupulus8007-04-32580
Honeysuckle Absolute Oillonicera caprifolium8024-22-44045
Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute OilJasminum Auriculatum91770-14-82598
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute OilJasminum Grandiflorum8022-96-62599
Marigold Absolute OilCalendula Officinalis70892-20-52658
Melissa Phytol Absolute OilMelissa officinalis84082-61-12112
Mimosa Absolute OilAcaica Mirensi8031-03-62755
Mogra Absolute OilJasminum Officinalis90045-94-62598
Myrrh Absolute OilTilia Vulgaris8016-37-32766

Pink Lotus Absolute

Pink Lotus Absolute

Approx. Rs 21,500 / Litre

Extraction :
This oil is extracted from the finest quality handpicked flowers of Lotus Pink Absolute by making use of solvent extraction method. By this extraction method, the oil is able to retain its natural aroma, aromatic and medicinal qualities.

Chemical Composition :
The oil is comprised with neferin, alcohol and lotusine constituents that enhance it in medicinal and perfume relevance.

Essential Oil Information :
Pink Lotus Absolute oil is naturally extracted oil from the flower petals to make sure that it is blended with earthy and floral fragrance. The excellent nourishing property of this oil makes it ideal to be used in massage oils, lotions, luxury soaps, air fresheners, aromatherapy products and bath oils. Our pure oil is also good for curing various health related problems due to its excellent medicinal value.

Oil Properties :
The oil is idyllically utilized for treating various treating skin related disorders due to optimal properties like non-toxic and non-irritant. This oil is also preferred for its moisturizing and nourishing properties.

Uses :
Pink Lotus Absolute oil is ideal to cure health related disorders like rheumatism, asthma, kidney disorders, bladder problems, jaundice, epilepsy and plague. The oil is also used in cosmetic products like soaps, perfumes, lotions, massage oils, air fresheners, light rings, facial steams, hair treatments and incenses for rejuvenating the mind, body and soul with its unique fragrance. With its excellent moisturizing and nourishing nature, the oil soothes and nourishes the body skin. It is also extremely effective in treating the liver and heart disorders.

Therapeutic Properties :
The oil offers excellent deepening effect on the body and brain with its impeccable soothing and calming properties. This oil nourishes the body and brain with its aromatic properties. Massaging with this oil rejuvenates the body, mind and soul of the person due to its excellent aromatic properties including deepened moisturizing and nourishing effect.

Summary :
This oil is extracted by using solvent extracted methodologies from the petals of pink lotus absolute. The yellow-orange reddish colored oil offers serenity and tranquility through its spiritual treatment effect. The oil is perfect for treating various health problems including treatment of leucorrhea in women and weak function in men.
Precautions :
Should not be used during pregnancy
Shipping Options :
We have reputed shipping partners like DHL, Fedex, UPS, TNT, EMS. Moreover, we also ship our quality goods by means of air as well as sea.
Botanical Name:Nelumbo nucifera
Common Method Of Extraction:Solvent extraction
Parts Used:Flowers
Aroma:Exotic floral and fruity aroma with slightly herbaceous back note
Color:Yellow-orange to reddish viscous liquid

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